The Origin of The Wines

The Origin of the Wines

Rasteau is an AOC for wine in the Southern Rhone France, located closely to the famous Chateauneuf-du-Pape. The village received in 2010 its own AOC, because of the high quality of the wines. The climate here is Mediterranean with hot and dry summers, bringing excellent ripening potential to the three main grape varieties:


These three grapes are used for different blends giving high quality red wines, intense, long living and very tasty.

Cave de Rasteau was founded in 1925 by 60 farmers, which makes the Cave de Rasteau one of the oldest Caves in the Rhône Valley. The size of the vineyards is currently 720 hectares and is growing every year.

Its soil is exceptionally varied, ranging from clay to rolled pebbles on southern exposed hillsides, slightly protected by the mistral. At higher altitudes (350m) the marly soils are covered with sun-warmed pebbles. At the night they provide the grapes with beneficial warmth, giving the Rasteau wines their strong personality. Wine growing and making in Rasteau go back to the Roman times, but it took really off with the establishment of the Cave de Rasteau in 1925.

Rasteau for Cigar Blend 2

About half Grenache, a lot of Syrah and finishing touch of Mourvèdre

Blend 2 is a deeper, luscious and more powerful wine with tastes of black fruit, leather, garrigue herbs, yet still having freshness and elegance. This wine, also an Appelation Rasteau Contrôlée, has an impressive long finish ending with mineral and peppery notes. It pairs with its power and wide palate with several layers perfectly with a medium to full bodied cigar.

Rasteau for Cigar Blend 1

Mainly Grenache, a nice bit of Syrah and some Mourvèdre

Blend 1 offers the smoker of a mild to medium bodied cigar a lovely experience of smooth harmony between the wine and the cigar, none of the two will be dominant. We blended this deep ruby, red juicy Southern Rhône wine, an Appelation Rasteau Contrôlée, with aromas of red fruit and spices, upheld by a good structure, softened tannins and an attractive hint of orange freshness on the finish.

The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity

A Red Wine to pair well with a Cigar should be intense, have body and should have depth to match with a cigar, and keeping up during the whole smoking time.The Wine should also have a certain sweetness. NOT AS SWEET as Portwine, which is known to pair well with cigars, but a DRY RED WINE which does the same.

A wine with these combined characteristics should be a blend of different grape varieties, and the perfect combination was found in the Côtes du Rhône France :

The Holy Trinity: Grenache-Syrah-Mourvèdre

We developed two Intense and Robust Wines with lots of Fruits to combine these two great pleasures in life:

Both wines contain Grenache, a grape variety that makes aromatic wines with generosity and fullness. The Grenache is blended with Syrah and Mourvèdre to give the wines balance and personality. Syrah provides lovely strong colours, aromas of red and black fruit and pepper, it also adds delicacy and complexity. Mourvèdre has well-defined tannins which give the wines its staying power and helps to express the intensity of the aromas


The result is two intense and earthy wines with lots of (red) fruits, however still DRY in the palette.

The Taste of a Cigar


The Cigar’s power, punch and potency, varying from Mild to Medium to Full Bodied.


These are related to how many parts of the tongue and palate are getting into the act of each draw. Flavours vary from sweet and creamy to earthy and spicy/peppery, and many in between.

This all comes together in THE TASTING WHEEL OF CIGARS